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The Thin Line Between Love And Hate: Why The Best Marriage Advice Won’t Be What You Think


“Generally, if someone’s advice isn’t coming from personal experience, I’m not that interested. Which is why, back when I was 24 and getting married, I paid full attention when a friend’s parent who had been married for 30 years offered some marriage advice.

Nine years later, the advice he gave me has not only saved my marriage several times, but has inadvertently become some of the best business advice I’ve ever received as well”.

Elissa Bertot

The Secret Pearl

Click here to find out what the best piece of advice Elissa was given before she got married.

I would have been appalled 10 years ago – not now!

I guarantee one thing – it won’t be what you think…

The Comfort Zone – Love it or Hate it?

Are you a comfort zone lover or hater?

What does stepping outside your comfort zone mean? Panic zone, learning zone or magic zone?

Does change mean recklessness or development, confusion or clarity?

Do you dare to dream?

Watch the video below and find out why stepping outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.