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Top Tips For Success: Why Knowing Your Values Is So Key


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The above picture is me suited and booted working as a lawyer in London. The picture below is me last week climbing up a rock face in France where I work as an online life coach and writer.


Luckily for me, my family encouraged my career shift. They could see I wasn’t happy working 24/7 no matter how interesting the work was and they sensed that coaching would bring the happiness and balance that I sought.

My parents were a little more concerned, however, when I told them I was thinking of moving to France to live with the long-haired French boy who rented me my skis ;)


Why Big Decisions Can Be So Hard…

It’s not always easy to make a confident decision when the people you value most are unsure themselves. It can make you question yourself, your drivers and your idea of happiness. But your nearest and dearest will end up sharing in your happiness when they see you all lit up inside – following what makes you tick. Because if you’re all lit up, chances are you’re living your life in accordance with your values. 


The trick is just working out what drives you. Simple, right?!

A Short-Cut From A to B….


If you’re not entirely sure what your values are as most of us aren’t, here are a few wee tricks to help you make a short list of about 8-10 of your core drivers in order of priority, whether financial security, love, travelling, socialising, career or beyond…

- When are you at your happiest?
– When do you feel most excited?
– What couldn’t you live without?
– If you had 6 months left to live, what would you do?
– What did your 10 year old self love and why?
– What are you most proud of?
– What is your gut saying?
– What do you hate? (The opposite is often a key driver)

Why Is Knowing Your Your Values So Key?


And if you’re wondering why it’s so important to take the time to work out your values, remember, having a firmer grip on what motivates you day to day will refine and strengthen you on every level, helping you to forge stronger friendships, romances, careers and fulfilment at large.





My Top Tips For Inner Happiness: Learnings From The Wilderness


My top tip for inner happiness this week, wee Gazer, is a mix of tried and tested learnings from my last few days in the wilderness:

1) “This above all, to thine own self be true” – Shakespeare

2) “Don’t ever stray away from yourself to get closer to someone else” – Anonymous

3) “Approval from the people we admire is sweet, but it’s not enough to be the foundation of a happy life” – Gretchen Rubin

4) “If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done” – Anxiety Cure


What 5 Days In The Wilderness Taught Me…

These are learnings from the pink lipped, fur coat clad city chick about town, pictured above, turned rock climbing, camping novice extraordinaire that you see in the pictures below. The wee Gazer who’s undergone a week of firsts which have pushed me way outside my comfort zone and solidified my values, my limits and the importance of being true to yourself alongside.


This was a week which saw me driving from the Alps down to the South of France in a huge white van, hoping I wouldn’t prove my boyfriend’s impression of my driving, true. I almost managed this… Almost ;) 


This was a week which saw me camping in a showerless camper van for five days feeling just how Carrie did in that episode of Sex & The City where she finds her usually good humoured self way outside her comfort zone at Aidan’s country ranch, struggling to find the fun in skidding on cow pats…


This was a week which saw me completing two 3 hour long ‘Via Ferratas’ (ascending climbing routes found in the Alps covered in metal ladders) and not letting the panic get the better of me. Initially inducing the kind of terror that leaves me suspiciously speechless, I finished the second one with a great sense of pride wondering if my adventure-nut boyfriend realised what an achievement this was for me.

And then something rather strange happened..

A Little Message From A Far…


You know those moments that feel heaven-sent, like a guardian angel has just landed on your shoulder and whispered something in your ear that speaks straight to your heart? This was one of those…

As I sat exhausted and a little frazzled in my oversized van, a random French lady approached and asked if I was the girl she’d been watching finish the route. I confirmed that I was and explained that though my boyfriend was an extreme sports lover who finds these things easy, I get pretty scared by these sorts of sporting ‘endeavours’.

She looked stunned and stared at me intently as she said with the warmest of tones, “Really, really well done. I’m a seasoned climber and I would’ve found that terrifying. Really, really well done”. The kindness of strangers, I thought and just what I needed to hear.

Why Was This Such A Eureka Moment?


That single moment summed up my learnings during my week in the wilderness. My belief in the power of stepping outside our comfort zones and embracing fear as the progressive, self-developing force that it is; the power of opening our minds to new people, new interests and new worlds but doing so with no expectation of approval from others – only with the hope of achieving something that you yourself are proud of; and the beauty of pushing ourselves to share in experiences that mean the world to those we love whilst not compromising who we are too much alongside.


If I’d have done too much of the latter, I would’ve indulged in my boyfriend’s idea of paradise – living in a camper van for the next 4 months. But you know what? While I love a challenge and tried to find every which way I might have been able to indulge his idea of heaven, I’m super relieved that I trusted my gut to be true to myself and found a wee apartment nearby. That way, I’d have the space and solace that I need to Skype with coaching clients and maintain my own sense of balance and peace whilst not compromising his values.

How Can You Apply These Learnings In Your Daily Life?

So remember as you apply yourself to new things this week, wee Gazer, praise yourself for your bravery. Praise yourself for engaging in the interests of those you love, especially if it pushes you to the boundaries of your comfort zone and above all, always guard what makes you feel at home. That’s the surest way to all the right kinds of love.



Richard Branson On Why Being Different Is The Fastest Route To Success



What do Richard Branson, Steven Spielberg, Andy Warhol, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill have in common?

All were dyslexics who went on to achieve great things.

“Whenever something goes wrong or you find yourself at a disadvantage, often the best way to handle it is to turn a negative into a positive. I learned this early on as I struggled with dyslexia, a learning disability that affects reading comprehension. I left school when I was 16 years old partly because of my dyslexia. On one of my last days at school, the headmaster told me that I would either end up in prison or become a millionaire” 

Richard Branson

That same Richard who left school the odd one out, was running the biggest private group of companies in Europe by the time he was 50 years old.

That same Richard learnt, over the years, that it was “his different way of thinking that helped to build the Virgin Group and contributed greatly to its success”.

That same Richard attributes dyslexia with teaching him some of his core sub-skills – from the art of delegation – hand-picking a great team with the strengths that he lacked – to a way with language – ensuring that his advertising campaigns are simple and jargon free. Because if he can’t understand them, who can? 

If you’re not already feeling ready to embrace what makes you different or to carve a path which inspires you even if it goes against societal norms – whether you’re dyslexic or not – I’ve saved the best for last…

“Whatever personal challenge you have to overcome, you must be brave enough to accept that you are different. You must have the courage to trust your instincts and be ready to question what other people don’t. If you do that, you can seize opportunities that others would miss. Believe in yourself, and use everything you can — including the obstacles — to propel you along the road to success. Who knows what you might achieve?”

Read the full interview with Richard Branson here and prepare to be inspired.

And if you’d like more where that came from, tune in tomorrow for another inspiring role-model who turned depression to great advantage :)






3 Top Tips On How To Get Up Early


The Day Started Badly…

This morning was painful.

Mustering the motivation to move from my cosy bed to the snowy cold outside was not appealing. It was appalling.

And then I came across this two minute video by Jeff Goins - “3 Top Tips On How To Get Up Early“. It must’ve been the law of attraction working its way to my sleepy consciousness…

Why Tune In?


They say almost all successful people get going before sunrise and no doubt, like me, you want to be, or remain, amongst this delicious elite.

The advantages of rising early are endless, with Forbes magazine listing “The Top Ten Advantages Of Waking Up Early” here and Personal Development Guru, Robin Sharma stressing the benefits of waking up early as one of the critical success factors that most great people in the world practice daily. Check out his best-selling novel, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” here, which propounds this advice and more. Thought-provoking stuff.

Pleasure Versus Pain…


Why then, given the numerous benefits, is it so hard to wrench myself from the cosiness of my bed when my morning alarm goes off?

If this is something you also struggle with, fear not, help is at hand with Goin’s user-friendly video guide. Nothing flashy, nothing whacky, just 3 practical tips on how to conquer the most challenging part of the day. The $70 dollar slipper tip is ingenious!

So if you haven’t done something nice for yourself today, treat yourself to a wee break and take a step closer to the success that you deserve. 

#no #pain #no #gain …