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The Work Revolution: Luke Johnson’s Top Tips On What It Takes To Go It Alone




You’re here! You’ve made it! You’re where you always wanted to be!

You have a job that you’ve worked your nuts off for. You have a business title which impresses the socks off people and stirs dinner party conversations with even the most boring of people. You spark respect from your parents’ most successful friends and your peers admire you as the girl or guy who has it all sorted.

But there’s something missing. Part of you wants more. You’re not entirely sure what, but you’re sure there’s more to life than this. You’re certain you could feel more alive – and more excited going into work everyday. If you only knew what it took. When to start. How to achieve the dream?

If this is you, check out the super-inspiring, soul-set-alighting read from Luke Johnson below, the British serial entrepreneur best known for his involvement with Pizza Express. Former chairman of the Royal Society of Arts and Channel 4, a weekly columnist for The Sunday Times and author of two seriously informative books for budding entrepreneurs (including “Start It Up: Why Running Your Own Business Is Easier Than You Think”), this short, snappy article will open your mind WIDE and better still, stir your SOUL, throwing your limiting beliefs far far away.

With an estimated personal fortune of £120 million and vast experience under his belt, Johnson’s advice on what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur is a MUST-READ for any Gazers amongst you wondering if you’ve got what it takes to go it alone – to launch a business, to make it grow and to make it work – longterm.

Rave over! Relax – enjoy – and prepare to be inspired, excited and everything in between. And the best bit of all – this mentor comes free!

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