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A Toolkit For Happiness: 4 Steps To A More Fulfilling Life



“Happiness can be found, in even the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light”

JK Rowling  ☂ ☼ ☆

If you’ve been:

△ Feeling a bit blue or out of sorts;
△ Wondering how to re-inject the joy into your joie de vivre; or
△ Asking yourself if life’s all it’s cracked up to be

this article by Elissa @Favor the Bold Communications is for you ♡

A 5-minute toolkit with a sad start, I guarantee these tips from the top will give you some easy to implement magic resources to put the spring back in your step ♫

The Hidden Reason Why Gratitude Will Ignite Your Dream Life




Ronda Byrne, bestselling author of “The Secret“, has a brilliant boomerang bullet to light up our Fridays, wee Gazers.

“Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life. Be grateful for what you already have and you will attract more good things”

That sounds pretty awesome – but how the heck does it work?!

Maybe it’s shifting our mindsets from what we don’t have to what we do which moves us from a place of pessimism to optimism, appreciation and increased happiness.

Gretchen Rubin endorses this in her book, “The Happiness Project“, explaining that because we often measure ourselves against others, happiness is influenced by whether we compare ourselves to people who are better or worse off. In this respect, she says that gratitude is at its highest in the aftermath of tragedies like 9/11, with people starting sentences with “I’m so glad I’m not..” rather than, I wish I was….”

Imagine – for a full moment today, wee Gazer – how grateful you feel at such moments of catastrophe.

Whether reading about the beautiful young girl who lost her leg in a horrific theme park accident recently or the likes of gifted young men like Stephen Sutton MBE losing their lives to cancer on the very springboard of life – shocking life-changers like these are sobering and spiritually enriching.

And remember, it’s absolutely ok to struggle with struggles – no matter how big or small. We all have different challenges, at different times – we all have different baggage and different resources with which to handle the tougher times.

But remember, the brain is programmed to be over-serious and it will try and trick you into approaching life in a deceptively linear way which can make some seem ‘luckier’ than others – whether job, relationship or health wise.

But hang on to this reality – true happiness comes to us all at different times.

Those who may seem to ‘have it all’ may have tremendous trials ahead – just as those feeling deep pain right now may find themselves in blissful peace a few years on.

And it’s not even that cut and dry!

For those who have truly suffered – true – deep – agonising losses – sometimes have a greater appreciation of the little things and a deeper grasp of life’s day to day pleasures. A whole different kind of transformation.

So step into the moment with a heart full of love today, wondrous Gazer and have a really good go at listing three things that you’re grateful for – three things that sustain you – gifts that you would feel lost without – and try giving out that powerful, transformative gratitude – because if you really feel it – it will boomerang back to you threefold – rich in reward :)







#Cicero: Why Gratitude Is The Greatest Of All Virtues


“I just went to the International Children’s Film Festival, and it was all sold out, but one lady had an extra ticket and just gave it to me! Can you believe that? That’s a $13 ticket! It was a Japanese anime film, everything was hand painted. It was just the best. Look at those sunflowers in that window. Aren’t they gorgeous? Photograph me next to them!”


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