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Top Tips On How To Mend A Broken Heart




“Some of you may already know that towards the end of last year a significant and long-term relationship in my life came to an end. I shared bits and pieces of this experience in my work, but overall it was a very deep and private experience.

This break up was one of those huge, life altering moments for me. I was floored. Broken. Devastated. For months I waded through emotions of grief, pain, hurt, anger, abandonment and total resistance.

And then, a few months ago something shifted…”


Connie Chapman - Life Coach, Speaker and Writer


 Very few of us come out of love in one piece.

And while some may say that those who avoid heartbreak are the lucky ones, 

I’m not so sure…


After reading Connie Chapman’s heartfelt article, “How To Let Go Of A Past Relationship And Mend A Broken Heart“, I feel a quieter confidence that while heartbreak can take us down truly painful paths, these often end up being deeply transformative journeys, elucidating who we are and leading to true meaning.

Striking the perfect balance between honesty, pain, optimism and hope, Connie’s personal tale of love and loss provides truly comforting and credible tips on how to heal and grow from heartbreak.

So if you find yourself struggling down that painful path yourself or you’re having a hard time letting go of the past, take comfort in Connie’s words and see how you can channel your pain into positives.

Read her tender, loving piece here.







Hope is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson



Connie Chapman: Caught Up In Comparison?


Shall I Compare Thee to A Summer’s Day?

“I want to begin this post by saying that if you have ever struggled with comparison (or are caught up in it at the moment) you are most definitely not alone. With our lives and businesses being so highly visible these days, and with so many people creating and doing incredible things in the world, it is easy to fall into the habit of measuring ourselves against them.

How To Shake The Habit

Now rather than beating yourself up for falling into the comparison trap you can simply witness the pattern, forgive yourself and then let it go. That is the first step to breaking free.

Every time these old patterns arise, we are provided with a powerful opportunity to shift our perspective and take a more loving and empowering viewpoint…”

The Reality

Comparison to others is something friends and clients mention frequently. With the dawn of social media, it’s not surprising that this can become a daily reality, making us question ourselves, our decisions and our statuses, technological or otherwise.

To learn how to turn this reflex reaction on its head, watch Connie Chapman’s thought-provoking video here.