Why Your Standards Can Never Be Too High


“When I was working on my doctorate, I discovered on the last day that my thesis was ten pages short, and he left his own office to run whatever errands I needed. He didn’t even have a car. He took a rickshaw. I had a dream when I was deciding whether or not to marry him. I was falling through the air, but I didn’t feel any fear, because I knew that he would catch me”

Hunza Valley, Pakistan Humans Of New York


Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re over-sensitive or that your standards are too high, wee one. Those standards are the ones which, when met, lead to true and lasting love – which steps up when you need it most.

And remember, we all have different norms because we’ve all had different upbringings and experiences. If others perceive yours to be too high, it may be that they haven’t had the good fortune of seeing this kind of action for real. I have – and it warms my heart.



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