The Secret Of The Best Relationships: And Why I Should Know



How’s this for a Thursday thought, wee Gazer? A nugget of wisdom from the wise old soul I’m staying with here in Madrid.

“A good relationship requires BALANCE. Two people who equal each other out and are there for each other no matter what”.

My parents are a case in point – still together 44 years on and couldn’t be more different in some ways.

My mum is a feisty Aries – my dad is a measured Libra.

The mischievous spirit and fruity language of my pint-sized mum is countered by my dad’s calm logic and measured tones.

Where she is warm, chatty and fizzier than the sourest Haribo Tangtastic, he is understated and reflective with the command of a judge (poor boyfriends).

And where she is emotionally intelligent and a real people reader, he is a savvy intellectual, negotiating his way through the commercial world through what he doesn’t say, more than what he does.

What one has, the other doesn’t and vice versa.

And like all good couples, they have grown together in balance – and brought balance to each other – through the bad times and the good.

When my brother was on his last legs and my dad didn’t know how to deal with the strong emotions he felt – because he’d been taught this was weak – my mum was there to guide him through.

Adversely when my mum finds her feistiness putting less outspoken noses out of joint (it does happen!), my dad is there, championing the strong spirit he fell in love with.

There will always be highs and lows in life and love¬†(who knew, Cinderella lied!) – and it’s at those bumps in the road, the times where things don’t go quite right, that this balance becomes so powerful and nourishing.

And I guess that’s what makes being there for each other – no matter what – so extraordinarily worthwhile.

So savour the balance in your relationships today wee, Gazer.

It’s the glue which binds a fruitful team. A team able to get through adversity – together – for the benefit of everyone – with the combined skill and fortitude which makes even the hardest of times so much easier to bear.






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