Marina Fogle: Why My Marriage To Ben Needs An MOT


“In 2009, when I was newly pregnant with my first child, we spent a week in France with three other married couples. In those heady days before children dominated our lives, we whiled away our week, jogging in the hills, drinking rosé at lunch and feasting well into the night. Five years after this idyllic holiday and, between us, six children later, we are the only couple of the four who are still married.

Last year, 118,140 marriages ended in divorce, with half of those in the first 10 years. Does this suggest the shock of parenthood is to blame? I spend my days teaching antenatal classes. The expectant mums in the Bump Class expect us to talk about labour, caring for their babies and how to breastfeed, but what they don’t expect is marriage guidance. I am adamant that the greatest gift you can give your baby is to take the time and energy to nurture your marriage. While having a child is certainly a good reason to stay with your spouse, your child will not be the glue that actually holds your relationship together.

On a daily basis I see women desperately trying to give their babies the best start in life. They spend hours practising hypnotherapy to give them a good chance of a natural birth. They splash out hundreds of pounds on the most comfortable buggy and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands on a private education. But so often they overlook what is arguably the most important thing they can give their child: a happy, stable home. And if a couple of hours a year can help achieve this, then why on earth wouldn’t you?”

Marina Fogle, The Telegraph



How Is Marina’s Article Relevant To You?


Ever wondered how you make a marriage last? How do you ensure that having children doesn’t drain the sparky dynamic that brought you together? What practical measures can you actually take to ensure you’re a survival story not a statistic? Read this fantastic article by Marina and Ben Fogle from The Telegraph on why marriage MOTs are the greatest investment you’ll ever make…






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