The Key Ingredient In A Relationship



What Is Trust Made Of?

“Trust is made of glass. Cracks don’t go away”. 

Wise words from a wise friend.

If there’s one thing to nourish above all else in relationships, platonic or romantic, it’s inspiring trust through our actions.

How Can We Be Perfect All The Time?


None of us are perfect. There may be stunning temptations that fall in our paths on our journeys through life, options which we imagine could feel soooo good they might be worth risking a more mundane reality for or seemingly beautiful alternatives which we think we could compartmentalise in our minds – humans make mistakes and where’s the harm if nobody finds out?





No matter how minor a feel good gamble may seem, if it risks compromising the trust we’ve built up in those who truly believe in us, always always choose integrity. Always remember and respect the fragility of trust. Once lost, it can be lost forever. The cost benefit analysis is pretty one-sided…

What About Everyone Making Mistakes?


Very true. We’re all human. We’re all flawed. But be careful where you mess up. Try sticking glass back together – it’s seriously hard work and may never look the same again. You can put it behind you but bear in mind that…

trust quote (3)

What’s The Bottom Line?

Trust really is the bedrock of true relationships.

Be the person you want to see in those you truly trust and be prepared for a beautiful return on your investment.

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