La Musa, Malasaña

La Musa is my favourite. A kooky restaurant extraordinaire tucked away on Calle de Manuela Malasaña, this is a full-proof hit with guests.  An intimate venue bedecked with a variety of hanging glass lights, you can’t help but be drawn in as you pass by at dusk.

La Musa’s focal point is the marble-topped bar which serves every type of gin you could imagine and even Amaretto Disaronno (major brownie point).  Your pre-dinner tipple is usually served with a scrumptious tapas treat (always top-notch) by a bartender who will, guaranteed, lift your mood.  The waiters are delightful, their casual charm befitting their stripy shirts and braces while the wooden slatted tables and cool pictures add to La Musa’s chilled-out picnicky vibe.

The food is to die for.  Simple as.  You really can’t go wrong – whether sampling the Californian Sushi Rolls, La Bomba (a delicious, scotch egg-like pork and potato creation) or the divine Guacamole which comes with its own pestle and mortar, this really is a feast to behold.  La Musa also serves breakfast ranging from a Full English to a variety of toast and jams.

The prices are really reasonable, with a meal for three and several liquid treats coming to a mere 22 euros each.  And for those who live a little further south, do not fear – La Musa can also be found in La Latina on Costanilla de San Andrés, 12.

But be warned, if you sample this gastronomical hidey-hole, you’re likely to become a regular (and likely a little heavier than you were before).


Address: Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 18, 28004 Madrid

Nearest metro: Bilbao


Tel: 914 48 75 58

Wifi Access

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