From Dead In The Dust To Soaring Over The Rift Valley: Royce Rolls With The Blows


“Lance Corporal Cayle Royce from the Light Dragoons was blown apart in Afghanistan and waited for the end to come. What was left of him was flown back to hospital in the UK. As fellow soldier, Captain James Kayll, said: “His family has been told that he was going to die, that there was no hope, they had even turned off the life-support systems when there was a flicker of life”.

Royce had spent 48 days in a coma. He had a severely bruised heart, collapsed lungs, broken neck, loss of both legs, and amputations on his left hand.

Not only did he live, but he did not procrastinate for one minute. He came back with a hunger for life that would leave even the most able-bodied jocks trailing in his wake. Not that Royce has let the loss of limbs define him in any way — that’s what media tends to do for a sensational story — but for a soldier it’s like just another war wound so there is no point in letting it get in the way”.

Charlie Norton for Vigour Online


If you’ve ever struggled to pull yourself out of a metaphorical black hole, read this interview with Cayle Royce by Charlie Norton for Vigour Online. Inspiring doesn’t come close.





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