Want to Learn to Row?

When is the course?

If you want to learn to row, sign up to the Parrs Priory ‘Learn to Row Course’ starting this Saturday, 13th September at 11am for a month.

How much does it cost?

At a cost of £125, it’s a great way to learn the ropes of a brilliant sport on the banks of Putney and to meet new people.

Why row?

Rowing types are positive and fun and rowing is a brilliant cardiovascular sport – hard work but really enjoyable if you like a bit of competition.  There’s nowhere better to be than out on the water on a Saturday morning – whether sunny or crisp, you’ve achieved something palpable before most of your friends have got up.  It’s also a whole new world down by the river – with dogs, tots and joggers adorning the tow-path, it’s a wholesome little world full of positive energy.  Who knew people got up so early?!

Why Parrs?

The best thing about Parrs is that unlike other rowing clubs, there is NO obligation to train.  While other clubs insist on several early starts a week, you can row as little or as often as you like here.  I used to row most Saturday mornings at 8:30am for a couple of hours but there’s also a super early slot if you prefer (no thanks!) and several training sessions in the week if you can’t get enough.  You can get involved in regattas if that floats your boat (sorry..) or alternatively just attend club dinners! There’s usually brunch or lunch after rowing on Saturdays which is sociable and scrumptious after a full-on work-out!

Fancy dress ‘Pudding Races’ at Christmas…

‘The Christmas Spoon’ preparing for victory…

An average morning on the river..

Details of Course are here

More on the Club is here

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