The Yoga Girl: Top Tips For Turning Your Life Around





Happy Monday, lovely Gazer :) Boy are you in for a treat with the below… Here’s a hint…

She’s an Instagram sensation with 1.3 million people following her.

She’s known for impressive poses like those above (must try to become more flexible…) in tropical surrounds which make me dream of piña coladas and palm trees…

But what makes her really special really shocked me…

Revealed in the 20 minute interview below, here is a wee teaser – because it’s simply too good to wait for – and may just change your life.

The “Yoga Girl” seems to have it all…

She’s a beautiful blonde Swedish goddess living on the tropical Caribbean island of Aruba with her handsome new husband. She travels the world inspiring young girls and women doing what she loves – yoga and meditation and has a huge Instagram following alongside a range of beautiful books which I currently have on bulk order.

But it wasn’t always this way and this is what makes her success even more compelling…

Falling into the wrong crowd as a teenager, she ended up self-harming, taking drugs and drinking too much. She confesses she became totally self-destructive and was consumed with jealousy of her peers. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? A girl as pretty as her, jealous of others…

Then something changed…

Her mother was at her wits end and decided to send her on a meditation camp.

That decision would change her life.

Learning how to sit with her emotions peacefully, she was able to move from the victim mentality which saw her envying others for their seeming better ‘fortunes’ to the mentality of a fortune maker.

She transformed herself from someone who realised that sure, life can be unfair, but we are all in control of our destinies and taking responsibility for our actions, our decisions and our paths is the first step to empowerment and change. It was this realisation which propelled her from unhappiness to bliss, personally, professionally and spiritually.

Many of her followers are young girls who find themselves feeling similarly desperate to her in her youth – powerless, trapped and depressed. She tells them with the heart of someone who knows, if I can do it, so can you. Once you have the resources and attitude for change, you can own it.

If you do one thing today, wee Gazer..

treat yourself to watching the Yoga Girl’s video below. She holds some of the best kept secrets to happiness and change which will stay with you forever.

And if you’d like a sneaky peak into her top tips in the interim, here are a few for you to feast on:

* Nobody can change your life for you – only you can.

* Take responsibility for your actions. Luck is rarely why some are happier than others. Attitude is the difference.

* Meditation is a life-changing practise (more so than yoga), helping you to deal with emotions positively.

* Be inspired by good people who want to help you and keep an open-mind. In this case, it was her mother who encouraged her do a mediation camp she had little interest in. It changed her life. What’s to lose? All it takes is a first step.

Watch her video interview here and be inspired…







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