The Surprising Secret To Work Out What You Really Want



Happy Tuesday, wee one.

If You’re Struggling With…

\\ Transition of any kind whether job, relationship or environment; or

\\ You’re having difficulty blotting out what everyone is telling you you should do and working out what your instincts are really saying; or

\\ There’s so much noise around you – whether internal or external, it’s hard to get in touch with what’s really going on in the silence of your soul – read on and be taken closer to your authentic self – the real you – and what makes you truly happy, peaceful and joyful – and right where you’re meant to be. 

Sound Idealistic? It Doesn’t Have To Be – And Here’s Why…

Photo by Oriana Fowler

According to Milton Erikson, a world renowned hypnotherapist, being in a state of trance is when learning and openness to change are most likely to occur. And far from being some wacky, out of body experience, trance is actually a natural state experienced by everyone. Here’s why…

Our most familiar experiences of trance take place when we daydream, but trance-like states also occur when we:

\\ Meditate;

\\ Pray; or

\\ Exercise (‘meditation in motion’) – whether jogging, yoga or otherwise.

In these situations, we are more aware of the vividness of inner mental and sensory experiences and external stimuli such as sounds and movements assume lesser importance. Peace – yes. This leaves us with the head space to access those vital soul signposts which tell us what we really need to know – deep down inside – cleansing us of more toxic sensations like confusion, fear and doubt.

You only have to read the lovely Rachel Brathen’s tale in her incredible book, ‘The Yoga Girl‘, to observe the powerful, life-changing effects that trance can have in healing the mind, body and soul and moving us away from pain and trauma towards weight-lifting clarity and peace.

How Can You Apply This In Your Daily Life?


So next time you feel overwhelmed, disembodied, ungrounded or removed from yourself, try one of the above suggestions and sink into the power of trance – for it is in trance that people often intuitively understand what is really going on underneath – accessing their values, their truths and ultimately, their power.

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