The Real Reason That Self Love Is The True Healer




Happy Monday, wee ones :)

After twinnie’s beautiful wedding and a few emotional attendees present – who have been on journeys far and wide – geographical and otherwise – it seems timely to remind ourselves of the power of self-love in achieving our happy ever afters, whether weddings, careers, friendships or otherwise.

We’ve all been there – bound in that tricky cycle of self-criticism that rears its ugly head when we’re at our more vulnerable – but we’re united in the positive growth that takes seed in those moments – in our strength as well as our humanity – to cherish our hearts – to nurture our souls – and to pull every positive learning we can from this journey called life.

So be kind to yourself today, wee one. We’re all in this together.





2 thoughts on “The Real Reason That Self Love Is The True Healer

  1. Cecilie

    I want more piccies of the wedding please!!! Looks lovely. And such a hoot to see you in double (almost) my dear Gazer.

    Mmmmm……… self love……… I wonder if starting off with self “acceptance” might be an easier hurdle to overcome? One baby step at a time? Maybe, could it be that practicing acceptance also includes embracing one’s mistakes, along with recognizing one’s strengths? Both extremely hard things to digest on a empty “tummy” (metaphorically speaking)…….???

    1. Melanie Pritchard Post author

      Haha – I think you’re right there, wee Cecilie – I’ve been deep in the bowels of self-acceptance of late – it’s the bedrock before self-love, I agree, wee wise owl… As for accepting one’s mistakes, I love the saying – ‘I’ve learned so much from my mistakes, I’m thinking of making a few more’ ;) Are you on Facebook? Plenty of wedding snaps on my facebook page :) xx


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