The 3 Core Needs: The Secret To Happiness



If you’re feeling panicked / unsure / worried about anything at the moment, wee Gazer, guaranteed you can trace it to a lack of one of the three core human needs.



What makes you feel important? Whether your job, a relationship, creating or adventuring, a lack of significance can eat away at your day to day confidence levels and leave you feeling like something’s awry…

I know if I don’t have a sense of growth in my professional world or if I don’t communicate regularly with best friends, I start to feel less significant.

So if you’re feeling a bit below par in the significance stakes, think about who you spend time with who lights up your life or what activities boost your morale and make them a priority – pronto! Your sense of self matters.



Whether giving or receiving love from friends, family, a partner or a pet, studies show that love is central to our sense of centredness.

For me, giving love and receiving love always brings me back to my core, increasing happiness levels and my sense of balance. Failing that, spend time with some puppies. I did so this week and can testify to the happy hormones it releases – better than any man can provide in my humble opinion ;)

If you don’t have an immediate love source, try focusing on giving out more love and watch it boomerang back to you twofold. Watch, wait and receive.



This is a big one – especially for the control freaks amongst us. If you’re unsure about something key in your life whether your job, a relationship or a big change coming up, it’s only natural you may be feeling slightly off-centre somewhere deep down inside.

I know if I’m uncertain about something central in my life like where I’m going to live next (which for me means meeting the needs of my adventure nut boyfriend as well as my need for the finer things in life), I wake up every day with a knot in my stomach.

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about life, identify what’s making you feel uncertain and brainstorm some measures to move you closer to certainty. You’ll be surprised how taking baby steps towards feeling more in control can help you feel a whole heap better.



Recognising the root of feeling ‘off’ (as my big-hearted American pal puts it), goes a long way in helping you feel yourself again. Once you have a plan in place for getting back to yourself, you’re half way there. Or in the words of the coolest chick I discovered this week, “SO WHAT; NOW WHAT?”








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