Silk For The Soul


The Stress Factor

How do you wind down after a tough day at work? A glass of wine (yes please), some TV (oh, go on then), a few hugs (best of the lot), a hot bath (wish I had one…)?

A New Trick After A Long Day…


Here’s something else you might like to try – 3 minute spiritual massages from Inner Space I’d liken to silky luxury for a weary mind.

Who Are Guided Meditations Suitable For?


These guided meditations are wonderful if:

i) You’re keen to try meditation for the first time;

ii) You’re a practised meditation expert who’d like to try a new, multi-sensory format; or

iii) You’d just like to discover a new medium for relaxation which doesn’t involve back-breaking sweating in public parks / falling off treadmills (I like to exaggerate the risks to offset guilt).

Why Bother?


Short and sweet, these are nice and easy to fit into your day whether first thing when you’re in a sleepy daze, during a hot soak in a bubble bath or last thing at night to settle your mind. With beautiful visuals and calming narration, these are really luxurious treats for the mind, body and soul.

What Else?


Check out Inner Space’s fascinating courses, talks and lectures if you’d like to spice up your spiritual life and meet some interesting folk around Covent Garden, the City, Camden and beyond!

Watch today’s guided meditation below:

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