Pearls of Wisdom from the Wise


Who knows best?

People say you see most clearly in your final hours.

Lord Byron said, ‘Adversity is the first path to truth’.

I can’t help thinking that’s true and one of the silver linings to lives cut short.

Five Core Truths

Here are five insightful quotes from four exceptional people who saw the light in their latter days:

1. ‘Prioritising is very easy. Disregard the negative and inconsequential in seconds’.

2. ‘Cancer need not be the epilogue. In many ways it can be the introduction to a richer life of wisdom’.

3. ‘Life is about love and connection and not having flashy, overpriced stuff. The latter doesn’t keep you warm at night or provide love and support’.

4. ‘Don’t go changing’.

5. ‘Whatever you do, you must have fun’.

Who said these?

The first two are from a sporty, 23 year old English graduate diagnosed with terminal brain cancer prior to his university finals. He completed his degree in his dressing gown, achieving a 2:1 to end all 2:1s.

The third is from a 36 year old, reputed financial consultant who referred to research showing the link between highly stressful jobs and cancer. Her blog can be seen here.

The fourth is from a leader in the engineering industry with a sense of a damaging relationship when he saw one.

And the last is from a high-flying accountant advising on careers. Not necessarily what you’d expect from a man who ‘had it all’.

The moral of the tale?

If you’re feeling a little disillusioned with life, whether working too hard, worrying about a career change, questioning a relationship that doesn’t feel quite right or wondering whether to up sticks somewhere new, trust your gut. We’re all the same in the end - we only regret the things we didn’t do, not the things we did.

So don’t rely too heavily on rationale – it’s not always right. Bear in mind that societal ‘norms’ aren’t necessarily normal in the eyes of people who know what it is to truly live, or to have their lives cut short.

You only live once. So don’t wait until it’s too late to see the light. Your instincts are only telling you what your wiser self already knows.

And if you’re unsure of which direction to take, remember: ‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards’ (Steve Jobs).



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