3 Top Tips On How To Get Up Early


The Day Started Badly…

This morning was painful.

Mustering the motivation to move from my cosy bed to the snowy cold outside was not appealing. It was appalling.

And then I came across this two minute video by Jeff Goins - “3 Top Tips On How To Get Up Early“. It must’ve been the law of attraction working its way to my sleepy consciousness…

Why Tune In?


They say almost all successful people get going before sunrise and no doubt, like me, you want to be, or remain, amongst this delicious elite.

The advantages of rising early are endless, with Forbes magazine listing “The Top Ten Advantages Of Waking Up Early” here and Personal Development Guru, Robin Sharma stressing the benefits of waking up early as one of the critical success factors that most great people in the world practice daily. Check out his best-selling novel, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” here, which propounds this advice and more. Thought-provoking stuff.

Pleasure Versus Pain…


Why then, given the numerous benefits, is it so hard to wrench myself from the cosiness of my bed when my morning alarm goes off?

If this is something you also struggle with, fear not, help is at hand with Goin’s user-friendly video guide. Nothing flashy, nothing whacky, just 3 practical tips on how to conquer the most challenging part of the day. The $70 dollar slipper tip is ingenious!

So if you haven’t done something nice for yourself today, treat yourself to a wee break and take a step closer to the success that you deserve. 

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