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What Is NLP?


What Is The Difference Between Coaching & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Coaching and NLP are both life-transforming tools facilitating goal achievement but they go about this in different ways. While coaching empowers clients to achieve their goals through a series of strategic questions, NLP uses therapeutic methods and techniques to break through a client problem or issue. 

What Can NLP Help You With?

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As an NLP Practitioner, I can work with anyone, on any issue from business and sport to confidence, relationships and phobias. Anyone with a desire to reprogram their brain to deal with an issue or problem or achieve a goal is a candidate. What most people don’t realise is that the brain can be trained to form new neurological pathways – and this can change your life. Whether moving on from past trauma, achieving weight loss, increased self-esteem or conquering fears such as public speaking, NLP is truly magical.

Who Learns NLP?


What Are The Benefits Of NLP?


We all, at some time, feel stuck in the mud. Where you can’t for the life of you move forward, whether professionally, emotionally or spiritually, even if you truly want to.

NLP changes all that.

Turning that stuck feeling on its head, NLP teaches you invaluable techniques which free you up, enriching your life and empowering you to step into your full potential. This can have hugely positive knock-on effects on your personal, professional and spiritual life.

A toolbox for life, learning NLP arms you with the mental tools to conquer whatever comes your way – however you like.

Coaching Testimonials


“I was constantly stressed and feeling overwhelmed in both my professional and personal life, unable to clear my mind and change my practices. Upon one session with Melanie, I was able to recognise my own strengths and identify patterns within my own behaviour that both help and hinder me.

Obstacles that I placed in front of myself have now been removed and my thought process has completely changed, giving me more clarity each day. Within weeks, I was performing better at work and am no longer ‘taking it home’ with me.  This has ultimately improved the way I am in my personal life. My mood has become lighter and I feel calmer. My relationships are better. In turn, I prioritise exercise and self-care again. These practices came back into my life and I feel better for it, like I have more control. I have learnt to tune in and trust my intuition and be more patient and accepting of myself.

Melanie will ask hard questions and it makes you look inwards. This is something that I have avoided for a long time.  We are so often blind to the good things that others can see. Not only does she offer you this insight which has improved my confidence, but she has the ability to make you feel less alone in your battles. Melanie gives practical advice too, if requested, which I didn’t expect. She has directed me to particular tools and has sent me articles that I may not have come across myself. This personable approach makes the coaching seem more like a lifestyle change than a consultation.

The help is not generic. Melanie listens to you and tailors her words carefully to best serve you in that moment. I had been ‘dabbling’ with the idea of a coach for a long time. Sometimes these things find you and sometimes they don’t. Seek opportunity…. Melanie has genuinely  shifted the way I think and feel about myself and the life I am living. The things I want are clearer and within reach now thanks to her guidance”. 

Chloe, Careers Advisor, Australia


“Meeting Mel was one of the greatest things that happened to me this year.

The idea of being life-coached was very exciting and slightly scary at the same time, but I decided to give it a go and have never regretted it even for a fraction of a second! The experience has been amazing, extremely valuable and very helpful!

Talking to Mel helped me realize quite a few things about myself and to look at certain things from a different perspective. I could make some important improvements, which made me a happier person and hugely helped me in my personal and professional life. I loved Mel’s way of guiding me through the thought process and leading me to realisations that I’d never come across before – just because we all tend to think in a certain way.

She was very professional and very sensitive with difficult subjects. It felt like talking to a very good friend.

I would highly recommend her if you are a looking for a professional life coach who will help you to live a happier and more fulfilled life”. 

Mila, Concept Manager, Germany


“Melanie was incredibly helpful; she was insightful, she was understanding, and helped me to think of ways round issues and problems I had, or perceived I had!

She invited me to examine how the various areas of my life informed each other, and this was very revealing. I consider myself an insightful person, but she helped me to look at things truly; often it takes someone else to really reflect things to us. 

She came from a very practical, yet empathetic stance, and was constantly encouraging. I felt that I could really take those small steps towards achieving what I wanted to achieve, and that it wasn’t as daunting as I had thought.

I think I had a tendency to over complicate things, and also to expect too much of myself. She helped me to break it down into small achievable goals, many of which I have now achieved. 

Her knowledge, natural intelligence, warmth and wisdom gave me confidence that she believed in me, and therefore I should believe in myself a bit more!”

Clare, Freelance Performer & Consultant, London


“I wasn’t sure about what life coaching was exactly but one session with Mel was enough to make me feel like there was a plan for me and we would reach it together. Time flew by and I couldn’t believe how efficient we were solving what I thought were insurmountable challenges. I felt appreciated and well looked after. Mel truly cared about my wellbeing and it was clear from the start that she had a plan as to how to get the best out of me. I felt so much at ease. Mel’s coaching could best be described as the union of understanding, care and competence”.

Karolina, Opera Singer and Digital Marketer, Croatia / Madrid


“I was at a point in my life when I needed some advice, guidance and mentoring. I approached Mel and she was able to provide me with the aforementioned as well help me set out goals and give me the confidence to go and achieve these goals. If you’re feeling a little lost or directionless then you should definitely go see Mel”. 

Garry, In-House Legal Specialist, Switzerland


“Having never been to a life coach before, I was unsure of what to expect but Melanie’s professionalism and friendly nature put me right at ease. Melanie was very helpful in establishing my true values in life, values I had never thought to consider previously. She was very calm and understanding and helped me to develop my ideas whilst providing guidance and reassurance. I would highly recommend Melanie and look forward to our follow up sessions together”.

Izzy, Television Researcher, London / Chamonix


“Having Melanie as my Coach has given my business a kick start. Our by-weekly coaching sessions have stopped me from procrastinating and I have started to take action such as setting up my website and getting my business cards printed. We have been communicating by Skype and as skeptical as I was initially, the sessions work really well. I believe this is down to Melanie’s strong listening skills, her ability to capture my needs and also provide me with confidence by giving me reassurance that I am making good progress. Thanks to Melanie I am finally on track”.

Alka, Coach and Recruiter, USA


“I am so glad that I had the opportunity to have a coaching session with Melanie. I couldn’t believe how much I got out of our one session! I had many ‘a-ha’ moments and Melanie really helped me to pin down what I wanted to work on and enabled me to see how I could shift my perspective on challenges I was facing. I left the session with clarity and inspiration and actionable steps that I could take to help me achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Melanie as a coach!”

Keara, Qualified Accountant / Trainee Naturopathic Doctor, Canada


“Melanie’s coaching really impressed me. She helped me drill down into my goal, empowering me to carve a way forward in no time at all. I was really surprised by how much we covered during my session – this left me with a real sense of progression.

Melanie is certainly gifted in her field”.

Alexandra, Interior Designer, London


“I had a really positive coaching session with Melanie and highly recommend her as a coach. She is personable, professional and intelligent and together we achieved my aim. I feel much calmer and more focused now”.

Maudie, Yoga Teacher, Lake District / Chamonix


Personal Coaching: A Shortcut From A to B


What Is Personal Coaching?

Coaching is different to counselling. It’s a goal-orientated process which helps you move from where you are now to where you want to be. Turning ideas into action, it’s a transformative process which empowers you to identify and implement your goals through a series of strategic questions. If we touch on your past, it’s as a springboard to further your future goal.

Does A Personal Coach Tell You What To Do?


While I’m happy to give input as part of the session, if requested, my role as a coach is not to tell you what to do. I’m more of a sounding board, providing a structure through which you identify what you really want. And while this may sound counterintuitive, it makes a lot of sense because when you ask others for advice, they often tell you what you should do, failing to identify what you really want to do, whether a well-meaning parent, best friend, colleague or partner.

Why Is The Coaching Method Effective?


How can a coach who doesn’t know you, help you? Because even identical twins are incredibly different, with different instincts and drivers. When these are effectively and objectively extracted, you start moving beyond what you think you should be doing towards what makes you truly happy. This is when you start making powerful decisions which will open your life in ways you couldn’t imagine.

What Can I Help You With?


I specialise in a variety of areas including:

  • Confidence coaching;
  • Relationship coaching; and
  • Career coaching.

Within these areas, I’ve helped clients to achieve goals ranging from choosing a new career and homeland, how to better manage stress, how to increase confidence, how to move on from relationship breakdown and divorce and how to get a new business off the ground. You can find some testimonials further down the page if you’d like a little more insight.

I also assist with values elicitation which involves identifying a shortlist of principles which drive you. These could range from family, meeting new people and learning to creativity, travel or financial security. It sounds simple but so many of us find ourselves feeling conflicted at certain points in our lives without really understanding why, whether in respect of careers, partnerships which don’t feel quite right or environments which make us feel uneasy.

Why bother with the values stuff, you might ask.

Once you’ve identified your values, you can see exactly why you’ve made the decisions you have in life, why some have been extremely fulfilling and others frustrating or upsetting. Not only does this bring peace of mind, clarifying past chapters in your life but once you have clarity on what makes you tick, you can make future decisions with real confidence, whether choosing a new career, making better romantic choices or deciding where to live. It really can be life-changing and is an incredible toolkit for life.

Where Did I Train?


I qualified as a Life Coach with The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest training organisation for coaches. Prior to that I worked as a family lawyer in London which I found incredibly rewarding but for the lack of work life balance.

I’m passionate about harnessing my own experiences – personal, professional and spiritual – to help you design your life in a way which brings you true happiness - your version of it, your way.

Because while we’re all beautifully unique, no matter how different we may seem, we all operate within a similar framework of happiness. We are frustrated when we live our lives at odds with our values and we are set free when we learn what makes us tick. Once we identify what makes us happy and reshape our lives in accordance with these values, life becomes a whole lot less stressful and a whole lot more fulfilling.

How Much Does My Coaching Cost?


There’s the good news! I offer single sessions as well as a range of discounted packages you can tailor to your needs.

What makes me different?

You’ll receive a complementary extra half an hour per session – that’s a juicy 30 minutes longer than the average hour long coaching session. This gives you a greater return on your investment and gives me even more satisfaction as your coach.

Please contact me through the email below if you’re committed to change. It’s my privilege to help you if you want to shake things up.

What Do My Clients Say?


I’ve coached men and women from a variety of countries including Switzerland, France, Spain, the USA, Croatia, England and Australia. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

You can view some testimonials from clients here if you’d like further information.

How Else Can I Help You?

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I also offer CV and interview training as well as mentoring on the legal profession and departure from the corporate world.

How Can You Contact Me?


Drop me an email, tell me a bit about yourself and we’ll take it from there. And if you’re in doubt, I’m happy to talk you through coaching in greater detail.

My details are

Why Bother With Coaching?