Adventurer Of The Month: Sean Conway


Prepare to be gripped, incredulous, refreshed, inspired and everything in between. I guarantee you will have never met anyone like this superstar (as my dad put it – and he’s hard to impress!)

If you’re apprehensive about changing your life, this interview with extreme endurance adventurer, Sean Conway, might change that.

He’s the only man in history to have swum the length of Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats – a mere 900 miles. He’s also cycled around the world (is that all?) and has running the length of Africa next on his wish-list. Standard. Oh, and he’s also penned three books.

I can see why he has nearly 20,000 Twitter followers and an impressive list of sponsors to boot. And best of all, his modesty is in direct contrast to his achievements.

The stuff of film scripts, no adventure seems too big for the bearded daredevil. 

Over to you, Sean…

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Can You Tell Me A Bit About What You Do?

I do endurance adventures. I basically like to try and break records that are adventure based. 

What Was Your Previous Experience Before Starting On This Path?


I used to be a very grumpy school photographer. I hated it. Photographing crying babies in front of white backgrounds all day. It was torture. 

What Inspired You To Adventure?


I hated my job so much I decided to sell it for £1 in 2011 when I turned 30. I then just needed to do something challenging to get me out the rat race of London so I decided to cycle to Australia and back. 

What’s Your Greatest Motivator?


Fear of just existing. I did that for my entire twenties and I was miserable. I vowed to spend the rest of my life trying and achieving as many things as possible. 

How Did You Manage To Build Your Adventure Following / Get Sponsors?


Im not really sure? It’s taken me nearly 4 years of slowly getting fitter, stronger and sharing my story. My advice is work hard, train hard and keep to your goals. The other stuff then falls into place. 

What’s Been The Biggest Highlight?



Climbing Kilimanjaro dressed in a penguin suit. That was fun. 

What’s Been The Biggest Challenge?




Becoming the first person in history to swim the length of Britain. It was 900 miles up the west coast and took me 135 days. Completing that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – oh and the book is out now: Hell and High Water #ShamelessPlug. 



What’s Been Your Favourite Adventure? 


Not really one for doing ‘events’. I prefer to go off on my own and just see what happens. I loved cycling through the Atacama. That was one of the best things I’ve done.

What’s your USP?


Sorry I don’t understand the question. 

How Do You Build Your Fan Base?


I don’t have a plan to build a following. I do what I love to do, and what I’m good at and share it on various social media platforms but mainly to hopefully inspire people. I don’t do it to grow my audience. If people want to follow me then I’m really grateful and it’s always good to chat adventure but I just want to show people you don’t have to ‘work for the man’ if you don’t want too. 

What’s The Best Compliment You’ve Received?


I wish I had a beard like yours.

What Advice Would You Give To Budding Adventurers?


Just go out there and do it for the love of it. Don’t think about being an ‘adventurer’ because the act of trying to ‘be an adventurer’ often goes against the philosophy of why you want to do adventures in the first place. If you love something, go out there and do it. If you’re good at it then people will find you interesting to follow. 

What’s Next For You?


20th March I’m running the length of Britain.

How Can We Contact You?


Send me a smoke signal from your garden, like batman, I’ll see it! 

What’s Your Favourite Quote?


Tell Us Something We Didn’t Know About You….


I can speak Zulu.





In lieu of Sean’s modesty, you can view his website here where you can apply for The Sean Conway Adventure Scholarship, if, irrespective of age, you have an adventure idea that costs £1000 or less.

You can follow him on Facebook here and Twitter here





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