“What Do You Do For A Living?”: Why The Truth Ain’t Always The Best Reply by Nicole Perhne



Why I wholeheartedly salute the lovely Nicole Perhne’s thoughts on that common (and often identity defining and deceptively deceiving) cocktail party question: “What do you do for a living?” 

“I totally agree. Nicole! I often think if we look to what we wanted to do when we were 10 years old, before ‘shoulds’ featured in our lives, we can find some truth there… I wanted to be a magazine editor, but instead became a lawyer (which was cool bar having no life!) – and here I am – back to the 10 year old who loved to write – and I’m loving it – and harnessing the skills I acquired in law in a (far more fulfilling) coaching capacity – which is far more ‘me’. Keep your vids com’in! ox “

If you’re someone who is lucky enough to LOVE what you do for a living (hello ice cream makers and cookie cutters) – if you’re one of those enviable Gazers whose 9-5 sets you alight brighter than a sunset on Sunset Boulevard – hats off to you – you’re right in your power – right where you should be – and you will continue down your path of fulfilment growing and glowing – hopefully inspiring others along the way.

If, like most of us, you’re not yet right where you belong job-wise but somewhere deep down inside you’re wondering what else is out there – what alternatives will reignite your tired soul – bring the joy back into your daily life – and move you towards your higher purpose, check out Nicole’s video here and savour the difference between a ‘should-led, tick-tock kinda life’ and a ‘soul-driven, want-to-growing-living-kinda-life’.

Her conversation catalysing, soul-setting-on-fire response to that commonplace (and sometimes – conversation stopping) cocktail party question, is right on point.





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